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My name is Jassu Hertsmann and I was born in Estonia.

I am an ordinary man, my mother was a milkmaid and I have been doing different country works since my childhood. I have always enjoyed myself roaming around the nature. In one moment I developed an interest in photography and I started taking pictures of the nature. After that I took pictures of the basketball matches and before I knew it, I was working (from 2009) as a freelance foto- and videographer for Estonia`s biggest media editions. I was doing media cover photos; different sport`s events; portrait photo suits; everyday work with the press. Sometimes I took wedding pictures and various smaller video works. In 2009 I laid the foundation of my photographic studio, where I got a variety of fantasy pictures to stage and did the usual studio pictures. The work was very exciting and challenging. Sometimes even more tense than I would have liked, but that is just the way this profession is. I had no family life – my car, photo and video equipment and my phone were my family. More and more I felt that as exciting as the 24/7/365 readiness was, from time to time I wanted to rest. But that was something I couldn`t afford to do. As a freelance, every job undone was the money I didn`t get. At some point I felt that I just have to get out of this cycle because I married in spring. At the Spring of 2015 my wife got a job in Norway as a landscape gardener. At first I stayed in Estonia to do my job as a photographer but two weeks later I joined my wife in Norway :-)

A week before leaving I packed my photo studio, assigned all my work and contacts to one of my friend´s who was also a photographer  and decisively stepped on the plane. It may feel strange how a photographer all of the sudden starts to work as a landscape gardener but I was born at a time when Estonia was a part of Russia (Soviet Union). It was a time when everyone had to know how to do everything and adapt to the situation. Thanks to all this I am very adaptable and consider this my greatest advantage. In 12th of June 2015 I started as a landscape gardener in a very beautiful foreign land and -language space. The work was sometimes physically demanding but at the same time interesting and varied. I loved that over a range of time I can think my own thoughts while working. Now my work week is mostly five days long, working day is eight hours, and on weekends I get to do what normal people do – relax. I didn`t let myself to experience this normality for the last five years, therefore the more enjoyable it is now.

My new profession has one big advantage- it is seasonal, from April to October- due to the cold climate of the country. So me and my wife work only seven months a year, save some money and then relax/travel around the wide world for the remaining five months. Of course my old love towards photography and video work hasn`t disappeared, after all someone has to take pictures and make videos while travelling.

Occasionally while working on something more interesting I take my video equipment  along- just to do something cool. So far I`ve done two simpler promotional videos for my company. The first one was done using only the Ipad and you can watch it here. For the second video I used GoPro video camera and a tiny, yet very powerful compact camera: Sony RX100 MK4. The second video is available here.

In 25th of June, 2016 I was offered the opportunity to capture on video the biggest speedboat race in Norway called Arendal PokerRun 2016. There were 33 powerful speedboats and the fastest one was capable of a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour.  It seemed like a new and very exciting challenge and I accepted it without a hesitation. Once again I felt very alive- life was exciting.

For the first time I was responsible for organising a whole filming plan - what equipment and angles to use.  When I was working for the press I had to do everything on a go so I enjoyed planning out everything before I went to film the videos.  Obviously not everything went according to a plan. I could use the previous press work experience again and be flexible. Most of the filming was done from a helicopter. The video I composed is available to view below. It is up to 8,5 minutes long. 

As the time goes by I feel filming videos is more exciting to me and I have recently sold much photo making equipment to invest into filming equipement. I currently own 3 different 4K videocameras. The main thing is the knowledge how to use the cameras. I am encouraged to work in this field because of the varied challenges it brings and I am more encouraged by the positive feedback I get from the customers.

If you have an interesting  filming challenge for me, I´m your man!

Jassu Hertsmann
Tel: +372 56 673 583

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